Market maps on steroids

Using data-driven frameworks and conversations with market participants, Radars turn your theses and focus areas into rich maps of problem spaces and solutions.
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Understand and navigate a landscape.

Radars allow you to better understand and navigate a landscape, fill your idea funnel, prioritize opportunities, and ultimately make better decisions.
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A new and better map

Radicle’s Radars are detailed representations of complex landscapes, organizing and presenting information about them in simple and visual ways. Like actual maps, they are designed to help you both understand a landscape and best navigate it.
  • Identify and organize all clusters of activity, including all startups and their critical information
  • Surface insights like where the smart money is placing bets
  • Identifying the level and signal from VCs in each sector
  • Evaluate what sectors and companies have the highest potential
  • Source what companies make the most sense for you and your needs
  • Turn theses into actionable intelligence

Identifying and understanding opportunities


To help you easily understand and compare every company and sector, we create rich profiles that include business descriptions, business models, customers, incumbent competitors, market sizing, and other information that matters to you (e.g. go-to-market, revenue, etc), along with standard information like investors and funding.

Evaluation and prioritization

Radars are designed to turn your theses into actionable opportunities across partnership, investment, incubation, and acquisition. To find opportunities that best map to your strategies, we’ve created a set of Evaluation Criteria to score and prioritize them.

We evaluate the scalability of opportunities through investor quality, activity, and other data-driven scores. We evaluate their strategic fit by working with you to develop strategic criteria like business model, customer personas, jobs to be done, size, readiness, and more.

Investors as Signal

Radicle has developed a number of proprietary scores, including the Investor Cluster Score (ICS).

The ICS measures the success and selectivity of investors, which allows us to score each company based on its investors, and then evaluate a company based on the signal of its investors, compare companies based on the signal of their investors, and track where the smart money is going.

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