Our business

Radicle is an insights business that helps the world’s leading companies make faster decisions about investing in the future.

The core insight that underpins our approach is that we tap into the expertise of people on the front lines – founders, former employees, investors, and other stakeholders. This insight is woven through each of our four products.

Our mission

Successfully investing in the future is about maximizing your shots on goal and then using the best information to improve the odds.

Our mission is to help our customers: more quickly make important decisions, increase their shots on goal, improve the odds of success through intelligence unavailable elsewhere.

Our values

Partnership. Radicle is a partner to our customers. We will work with you to solve your problems and meet your needs.

4 Cs. As an organization, we value Collaboration, Communication, and Curiosity. Our Contract with you: “Help make our company more valuable, and we’ll make you more valuable.” (Patty McCord of Netflix)

Process. We believe in the importance of process – processes that enable consistent and scalable delivery of products that our customers love.

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Help us change how the world’s biggest companies understand the future of dynamic markets.

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