Understand and validate a new market in 30 days

We accelerate your understanding of markets and their opportunities by channeling the expertise of dozens of market participants.
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Tap into novel and latent insights

By speaking with founders, former founders, employees, investors, and customers, Radicle surfaces proprietary insights that help you truly understand the dynamics of a market.

Speaking with startups

We speak with startup founders and management teams to better understand the market, their unique approaches, and how they can work with you.

Surveying customers

We survey customers to understand pain points, habits, and interests, as well as the size of the opportunity.

Proprietary Data Science

We use data science to identify, cluster, and prioritize opportunities

The 4-Question Debrief framework

Meeting with a thousand companies in a year to understand a market and find the right partner isn't feasible. Using startups as guides, Debriefs enable efficient and comprehensive understanding of startups and new markets through a consistent framework
  • Using our proprietary data tools we comprehensively identify:
  • What bets are being made around this opportunity?

Are my pilots scalable into partnerships?

Through Diligence Briefs, Radicle can also help you understand the scalability and risks of partners through deep due diligence into:
  • Problem/Solution Fit
  • Scalability and Funding Needs
  • Market Opportunity
  • Why Now?
  • Key Risks
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Team
  • Investor Quality